Baby Gecko

after watchin’ Breaking Bad last sunday night, i found a gecko darting across my apartment wall (interior). it took me about half an hour to catch him. I ended up trapping him under a glass bowl and snapped a picture of him. Then i sent him packin’ out the front door.

he was only about 2 inches long.

I’m assuming he got in when the maids were here. i think they leave the front door open, like the maids in Las Vegas.

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Meatball Pizza!!

so i went to order a meatball sandwich at my lunch break, and i didnt have much time. The chef in the back (italian lady who speaks very little english) comes out and has the hostess/waitress translate that it’ll be at least 20-25 minutes because she bakes the bread (to order). so she said she could make a meatball pizza in about 10-12 minutes. OK, sounds good……i ended up loving it, have ordered 3 more since and still haven’t tried their meatball sandwich. Its the best pizza i’ve probably ever had, and the meat balls are so flavorful.

check it out…

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Minimal art supplies in FL.

i didn’t ship out all my paints from California. I have a lot of art supplies back in California, it was just too much to ship and too much to pay to ship to FL.

So here’s what I’m working with….

It’s strange not having so many options for colors/mediums at my disposal.

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got skunked the first time fishing in Florida

First time out fishing in Florida (Jensen Beach/Hutchinson Island) and i caught absolutely nothing. But at least it was beautiful weather.

brought out my newer setup. Diawa Inshore Coastal baitcaster and a 6’10 Shimano Compre.

The entire day i threw out a 3/4 oz. gold spoon (pictured above). It casts very smoothly and a lot further than i thought. I estimate my average cast was about 35-40 yards, and i know i can get further.

going back after the hurricane passes.

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Moved to Florida

strange turn. i ended up moving to Port St. Lucie, FL for work. the humidity, hurricanes, mosquitos and being away from my family & friends suck the most. But besides that, it aint too bad. Beaches are gorgeous, people are friendly, work is good, i have some co-workers here that i’ve known for several years…so that all makes me feel better about being so far away from SoCal.

Here’s my apartment i’m renting from PGA Village…

and here’s the first weekend…the rain is crazy out here….

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Dogs. Bulldogs, Chihuahua and a Wiener dog mutt/mix.

My sister has two bulldogs. Lemmy, the male, is the greatest dumb dog ever. Has the smallest brain and a one track mind, the makings of a hysterical dog.

check out what he does with the plastic kitty pool.

we originally bought it for the dogs to cool down after playing out side with their egg ( I’ll get a video uploaded of “the egg” later to explain what that is. Briefly, it’s a small thick plastic egg-shaped toy that are usually used as toys for captive polar bears and tigers. I’m not kidding, look it up).

anyway, here’s some pics of some of mine and my family’s dogs…

Ginger, was originally my mom’s dog but became attached to my Dad.

Glenn Danzig, the man. Well, not anymore. This is my sister’s roommate’s dog. Jamie (my sister’s roommate) just had his nuts cut off. Half the man he used to be. Anyway, here’s a video of Glenn, Lemmy and Violet eating Cheeseballs.

and here’s Glenn looking confused and wondering why he’s being kept from licking his non-existent nuts. Sorry Glenn, they’re in some jar somewhere.

here’s some pics of the monsters Lemmy and Violet…

monsters waiting to go outside

is Violet happy or what.

tired Lemus (sometimes i call Lemmy, Lemus).

another tired Lemus.

Lemmy, ready to run around like a crazy man.

yup, that’s him. Lemmy is God, or at least he thinks he is.

Violet loves her dog toys, can’t say it enough. She really likes tennis balls or anything bouncy that she can chase and keep away from Lemmy. So I went to CostCo and bought 48 tennis balls to see how she would react. We made it “rain” for Violet, rain tennis balls.

She was a bit overwhelmed and didn’t know which to go after. Lemmy didn’t really know what was happening. ┬áBut he sure like the box the tennis balls came in.

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Bamboo Panda Skateboard Update

It’s been a while since I’ve done any artwork, even this update is a bit older. A couple of months after my father past away i started to paint/draw again, but it’s been slow going.

This fur sucks to do. But it’ll be worth it when it’s finished.

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